Got it!

Ok, It's off my phone so it's not the best quality but I still think he's one of the 2 cutest kids in the world!

Don't kill me!

I know, I know... I'm attempting to get some pictures up but-well, it's a long story-anyway,
we are doing great! We're definitely still adjusting but after we had been home 2 nights, Tahn started sleeping through the night-so at least we're getting a little sleep! Of course, then all he wants to do during the day is eat but who can blame him-that's all I want to do too! Tayvin LOVES his new baby and thinks everything he does is hilarious! He has been such a good helper and so patient with both mommy and baby-I could not have asked for a sweeter boy or a better big brother for Tahnyon. Anyway, I do promise to get some pics up soon... sometime...maybe... :)


Our sweet new addition

I don't have pictures to post but I will soon, I promise!
Tahnyon (rhyming with Canyon) was born last night just before 8:00.
He was 21 inches long and weighed 8 lbs 7 oz.
His big brother is so proud of his "little buddy" (as Baloo calls Mowgli) and is so excited to take him home to "teach him things."
He's such a sweet little boy, already a good sleeper and eater and we just can't get enough of him! I'll be posting his birth story sometime soon-if only for my sake- but we just wanted to let everyone know why we'll pretty much be hibernating for the next few weeks! And why we can't wipe the perma-grins off our faces.


Was that fair?

Ok, I guess for those of you not close by, that's not really fair so I'll give you a slightly longer version:
Thursday-Blah-Blah-Blah- went to the dr, new dr, didn't check me, I cried. Went to the hospital for the tests-baby still healthy.
Friday-made Nate a fresh peach pie because I figured if I made one, I was bound to go into labor so we couldn't eat it. If I didn't at least we would have peach pie to eat. Went into labor, walked, showered, dropped Tayv off with mom, contractions consistently 5 minutes apart or less for 3 hours, went to the hospital, baby got scared, contractions died down, wasn't dilating much, dr doesn't want to induce me because of VBAC, sent me home at 3 am.
Super interesting huh?

My cute little farmboy

Last night we met my mom in Salt Lake around 11 ish to drop Tayv off with her and head to the hospital. Frankly, I'm so sick of telling the stories of the last week that I'm going to make that part of the story very short- I'm still huge.
Anyway, we drove to Kamas today to pick him up and I was telling Nate on the way up about Tayvin's conversation with my mom this morning: it was all about how he and Grandpa had chores to do. They got up early so they could head out to the hay field and then to chop wood. Nate said he was a little more concerned for his relationship with Tayv than he was for Tayv's relationship with my dad. I told him he might just have to buy a farm. When we got there, I found out that my cute little farmboy is now the proud owner of his very own work gloves! He has such a connection with the farm, the land, and the animals that I truly don't know what we'll do when Nate moves us away from it. I love that he loves it though!