Happy Birthday you.

I don't do b-day posts. Just so you know. Today is the exception. But it still won't be mushy. :)

Happy birthday babe, I'm SO glad you were born!!!

From Tayv: "I wish that you could be here for your party today cause I would love to see you at your party. It's a bummer we don't get to see you. Happy Birthday and.... and.... happy birthday party. I miss you!"

From Tahn: "Da-da! Da-da! Hi!"


New News

There will be no cute way of announcing it this time cause frankly I feel like we JUST did this.  I'm pregnant. Due in March, a day before Tahn will be 18 months.
Crazy? Yes.
Coming regardless? Yes.
Stressed? Yes.
Will we survive? I certainly hope so.
There you have it-why I've been sick, emotional, lazy, and MIA.
BUT...  On the bright side....
Tayvin REALLY wants a sister (and Nate wants a girl.) I was informed of the Drano test. It says its a girl...we'll see.
I am out of my 1st trimester and finally starting to feel better. Just DON'T bring hamburgers around me, please! :)
Nate has given me permission to SPEND money if it's a girl!
Babies R Us is having a trade in sale which just happens to work perfectly since my infant car seat expires in January. (So run over there if you need baby gear!)
No more birthdays in the fall!!!