The Ghost says "Boo!"

We were so excited for Halloween this year! Tayvin was old enough to enjoy it and didn't even mind his costume too much! He learned what a bat, jack-o-lantern, and ghost were. He even learned how to say "Happy Halloween" (that came out more as Haaaa!) and also what a ghost says! Nate was in charge of a booth at the UAA carnival so he rented a Shrek costume and we all went as a family-His costume was a huge hit! Then on Halloween we invited some of Tayvin's friends over (and their parents too,) had spooky snacks, then went over to Grandma and Grandpa McDonald's to trick or treat! Grandma Jeanne taught Tayv how to take treats from her treat bowl and put them in his bucket-Thanks Grandma, such a wonderful talent for our sweet baby boy! We hope everyone had a wonderful halloween!