Overheard: Jesus

Out of the blue this morning...

Tayvin: "Mom, I'm glad that Jesus died for us but I'm really sad I didn't get to see him. Ya know? While he was preaching."


My favorite running song just came on. Made me actually want to run. Perhaps now that I'm 5 months pregnant it's time to start running again? 
Ok, maybe not. It's too cold outside. But would anybody like to join me on a run the 3rd week in March? :)


A Shark Party

Birthday Party #1
It started under the sea....

There was a hungry shark....

We went fishing for prizes....

And played "Pin the Fin on the Shark..."

"And Minnow, Minnow, Shark..."

There were shark cupcakes.... 
And one happy Birthday Boy....

With 4 candles on his cupcake....

And a new 'Lava Man' Bike....

First Day of Preschool



This little monkey...

is called monkey because he
-sometimes crawls on his fists
-resembles a monkey
But most of all because he....
-will down a large banana in less than two minutes
-will eat as many bananas as I'll let him.
-climbs on EVERYTHING (including window sills, up to the table or counter, drawers)
-climbs two flights of stairs in less than 30 seconds.
Love my monkey boy.

This tender little heart....

I've always struggled to describe Tayvin's tender little heart. He is what I need when I'm upset because he can give the most innocent compassion. My mom has always told me that I was the same way and I feel like, unfortunately, I've let the world get to me and corrupt it. When I see somebody hurt or embarrassed or in need, I hurt with them. And I WANT to do something. But I over analyze and can't decide what to do. So I do nothing. But not my sweet Tayv.... he just doesn't care what others think. Tonight reminded me of his innocent heart of gold.
We were watching Toy Story 3 when all of the sudden he just started crying. I say crying but it was really hysterical bawling. He couldn't stop, he couldn't breathe, and he had no idea what was wrong. 10 minutes later when I got him calmed down, he finally figured out what was wrong. He was sad "because the baby in the movie wanted it's mommy and didn't get her."  :)
It made me want to cry thinking about what the world will probably do to my sweet little boy. So now I'm on a mission. More than I ever have been, to make sure that he is always confident enough to really care about people and to use this gift he's been given.


There have been a few things that have happened within the last few months that spurred on my 'attitude thinking.'  A couple of which were major, life-changing boulders thrown into our path. Nate and I are planners. We don't just fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to our life plans. We've always felt like we needed to work hard, make a plan, and try to do what is right. Beyond that, if we're not headed in the direction we're supposed to be, the man upstairs will let us know.  And let us know He did. In very mind-boggling, blind siding ways that we never expected.  So we've had choices to make. Not so much choices about these changes but choices about how we're going to react.  I feel like some days we choose the better way and some days we fail miserably. We've also had friends and family members that have had issues come up. And it led me to thinking. Not just about how our attitudes affect outcome but also what determines our attitudes. Because let's face it, as much as we talk about having a better attitude, it's not always that easy. Some people are given great attitudes as a gift, some learn it while they're young, some work hard to obtain it, and some just don't care.  It occurred to me tonight one of the major factors of attitude: Entitlement. We all feel entitled to something. Some of us more or less than others. Some of us feel entitled to hand-outs, to work, to not work, to help, to happiness, to be miserable, to everything our parents have, and the list goes on.  But what really struck me is this: LIFE IS NOT MEANT TO BE EASY! Not only is life meant to be a learning experience, but it's meant to be hard. That is how we learn. The majority of our days should not automatically bring happiness. We are asked to work at it, to find happiness in small things, and to CHOOSE to be happy.  We are meant to sacrifice many things, to be tired at the end of the day, to feel sometimes like we're paddling upstream, and in the midst of all of this, recognize that we are learning, growing, and drawing nearer to the one who sacrificed everything for us. So right now, I'm okay that life isn't easy. I just may need to remind myself again tomorrow. :)



Yesterday I spent most of the day just fighting back tears.  As I was cleaning my kitchen for what seemed like the umpteenth time in the last week, I was starting to lose the battle with these blasted emotions. 
And then I...
- Looked up at this sweet face waiting so patiently in his high chair for me to wash his hands.

 -Remembered my resolve to make sure my attitude was one that my Father in Heaven would be pleased with. One that I would want my children to imitate on a regular basis.
-Thought about the service, however small, I've been able to render recently.
-Smiled at the good report I received from Tayvin's teacher today.
-Heard my husband coming down the stairs and thought about how grateful I am that we got to eat dinner with him.
-Heard music in the background and let myself sing.
-Felt the warmth on my feet and was overwhelmed with gratitude for a warm home.
-Felt one tiny baby kick my bladder and ran to the bathroom grateful for running water.

And again, I was amazed. Amazed by the blessings in my life, the fact that my entire evening was changed by a few moments of reflection, and how much my Father in Heaven loves me.


Do you know what this cute, pink, tiny cowboy boot means?
We'll be adding a sweet little cowgirl to our family!
Nate is thrilled, I'm scared, and Tayv is confused.
He wanted a girl SO badly but also decided that Tahnyon should get to have a little brother like he does. He also says I'm having a girl puppy since my belly isn't big enough to have a baby. :)


I've been thinking lately about how differently our attitudes affect the outcome of situations and how they affect our view on our lives. So I've been working on my attitude. :) Since I don't write in my journal, I'll be documenting here my feelings and most especially the things I'm grateful for...

Today, I am grateful for these sweet spirits that my Father in Heaven has entrusted me with and for all that I've learned from the amazing experience of being a mother.  I'm also grateful for the sweet baby that is on it's way to our family.

My Tahn Man

This little guy is going to get the best of me... he's such a little funny monkey. Literally. He's a monkey. Here are just a few of the things I love about him....
  • He thinks he can walk on window sills.
  • When he goes down the stairs he puts his feet down then spreads his body out and slides down as fast as possible.
  • He knows what a ghost, horse, cow, and dog say. But the funny part is that he does all the noises with his mouth completely closed.
  • He consistently uses/says more, please, and done correctly.
  • He says da-da, brother, Tayvin, out, mommy, uh-uh, and grandpa.
  • He takes his pants off after he poops EVERYTIME.
  • When he blows kisses, he covers the bottom half of his face.
  • He will do absolutely anything for his idol Tayvin.
  • He folds his hands, half-way bows his head, and tries to say amen when we pray.
  • Nobody can make him laugh like his daddy.
  • He is FULL of grins when I go get him out of his crib.
  • He tries to carry on conversations.
  • He gets so proud of himself for standing on his own and throws his hands up in the air.
  • When he's tired, he crawls upstairs, tries to crawl into his crib, and puts himself to sleep.
  • He says yay when we go outside.