This is one of the gifts Tayvin is getting for Christmas...

And this is what our floor already looks like because of that blasted play-doh...

(Of course, the picture doesn't quite do it justice.)

I always knew motherhood would drive me insane, I just thought it would take

more than 3 years and two kids.

Pray for me.



At Breakfast...
Tayvin: "Daddy, we don't watch TV while we're eating! You're following Satan."
Nate: "It's ok buddy."
Tayvin: "It's ok to follow Satan?"
Nate: "Um-no. It's ok-I won't watch TV during dinner."


Pumpkin Land

I will never catch up, but of course, I'll try anyway...
We went to Pumpkin Land with our ward's playgroup a couple weeks before Halloween. It's a nursery that turns everything into "Pumpkin Land" after Harvest. It was a blast-and super cheap!
I hate when people don't control their kids and they get in my pictures... huge pumpkins, huh?Tayv and our neighbors' little girl, Bradlie. Tayv wanted a little sister so badly-it worked out perfect that he has her...I just let Tayv choose which way we turned each time-he loved having so much control. They posted jokes all throughout the maze-this is the only one I remember... "Q: What does a kiss from a vampire feel like? A: Unless it's Edward, it's a pain in the neck." Yup, it actually said that!This is my absolute favorite one, he was so happy to be able to jump as hard as he wanted...Tahn slept the whole time. Towards the end I felt guilty that he wasn't in any of the pictures so I opened the stroller to take a few. He didn't like the light waking him up-
the kid cracks me up...
I know, I know-we're definitely due for some pictures. I've been so frustrated lately. When I had Tayv, I would take pictures of him all day long. Well, let's just say, Tahn is being neglected in the picture department. I do try-but usually as soon as I start Tayv needs me for something or I've missed the window and it's lunch or nap time. But I did a few photo shoots the other day in order to get some pics of Tayv in his blessing tux (only a week late.) So stay tuned.