Walking out of church yesterday...

Tayv: "Mom, this is the picture I colored in cry-mary today. This one is a picture of me and daddy. And on the other side is a picture of you in the hospital."

Me: "Oh? You put me in the hospital?"

Tayv: "Well, my teacher asked us to draw a picture of something that would be a good reason to fast."


Family Pics Oct 2011

I've basically decided to give up on family pictures. At least until I'm skinny (er). But here they are anyway.


Overheard: Problem

Tayvin: "Mom, in school today we were supposed to say a problem." (I think they were working on math problems.) "And [insert random schoolmate's name here-we'll call him Braxton] said his problem was that his mom told him he couldn't play Cars 2 anymore that day because he'd already played too much. And I was like, Braxton! That's not a PROBLEM-Your mom's trying to keep you smart!"