Overheard: Tahnyon

Mommy: "Tahn, if you're going outside make sure you don't take off your Spider-Man costume." (This is often a problem)
Tahn:"Yah, cause we don't want anyone to see my bummy or my privates."
Tahn:"Yah, cause we only show those to the toi-yet."

And on another note: On Sunday I asked the kids to put ALL of their church clothes in the hamper except for their ties. (This is different for them because I don't wash their suits every week.) Today, as I was sorting the laundry, I found Tahnyon's church shoes in the hamper. :) I guess the kid listens sometimes....


Myrtle Beach

Nate has been spending most of his time down in Myrtle Beach for the last few months so we decided to join him the day after Christmas for a mini vacation. It wasn't super warm but the beach was a good distraction from the fact that it was our first Christmas ever with no snow!
Oh how I love that place!!!

And, thankfully, at the end of the week we get daddy back and his travel will be much more rare.

Jesus wants me for a....

We're still working on sitting still in one chair... Especially while mommy is leading singing time but Tahn is sure excited to be a "big boy that goes to cry-mary now!"