Overheard: Girlfriend

Tayvin has a girlfriend. He thinks. :)
He's always telling me about a girl that goes to his preschool and how she wears her hair, etc. Here are a few of the conversations recently....

T: "Mom, do you know what A is being for Halloween? A nice pirate!"
            Background: Tayv has been obsessed with pirates for quite some time and has been asking to be a pirate for halloween. 
            However, he asks to be many other things so this year I chose his costume to eliminate 15 costume changes and a lot of
            last minute stress.
M: "Oh! Is that why you've wanted to be a pirate so badly?"
T: (With the cutest sheepish grin I've ever seen,) "Yah, mom, I really like A."

With an incredible amount of excitement....
T: "Mom, guess what the best thing about preschool was today!"
M: "What?"
T: "I got to sit by A A LOT today!"

And here's the problem with all of this.... The mommy in me is already getting protective of his tender little heart and swearing that she can't be good enough for him. Really, Stacia? Really.


Overheard: Love

Tayvin has been arguing with me a lot lately. And if you've seen me with him, you know I don't put up with it. But here's the problem: He argues with me about who loves who more. :) This is how it went yesterday....

T: "Mom, I love you so much!"
M: "I love you too dude."
T: "But I love you more!"
M: "I don't think so. A mommy loves her kids A LOT!"
T: " But I love you forever."
M: "But I love you forever ever."
T: "I love you through and through."
M: "Oh yah?"
T: "Yah, through and through and through and through."
M: "Wow! That is a lot. But I think I still love you more."
T: "Mom, I love you so much, I'd even love you if you got eaten by a chicken."



Just because I want to remember these....

Tayv is growing up so fast! There's not much baby or even little boy left to him (duh, you say, since he is four now!) But there are still things he says every now and then that make me smile realizing he's not quite as grown up as he thinks he is....

-Ra-moon (Maroon)
-The Headerless horseman
-"Hey mom, Dasagna starts with D!" (Well actually Tayv, it's LASAGNA so it starts with an L)
-I am'nt


These poor, poor children.

Perhaps this is something I need to get used to but I feel SO sorry for Tahn and this baby. Tahn just doesn't get a whole lot of attention, has to grow up sooner, and is going to be the middle child. :( And this baby? Honestly, I'm so incredibly busy and overwhelmed that days go by without me even thinking about being pregnant. So... this is a post JUST for the baby. I just want to actually document that I'm pregnant. :) Tahn's will come soon.

-18 weeks
- 0 lbs gained, 5 lost
-I'm still sick often and rarely feel like eating. (SO different from my other pregnancies. :D)
-I get 4-5 headaches a week that just don't seem to be curable. Lucky for me, my Dr told me to try tylenol with caffeine this week to see if that will help. So I felt no guilt going to buy a 2 liter of my new love, cherry coke. But wouldn't you know, I haven't had a headache since. It sits in my pantry. Just waiting.
-Tayvin still doesn't really believe that I'm pregnant. He keeps saying my belly isn't big. :) See why I love this kid?
-We will find out in 2 1/2 weeks what the gender is. I hope for Tayvin's sake it's a girl.
-I feel the baby move often and Nate has felt it a couple times but it's still fairly weak.

SUCH an exciting post, I know. Perhaps in a few weeks it'll get more exciting....


On pregnancy...

I feel I'm in a lose-lose situation with this pregnancy (with the exception of the beautiful baby growing inside me that I will get to meet and hold in my arms of course.)  All I'm trying to do is be a good mom and wife. But this being growing inside me is making me so sick and emotional I can't be a good anything. Well, maybe good icy hot. :)