Overheard:Grandpa's house

Tahnyon running inside after riding his bike with his 'mo-mer-cycle' helmet on: "Mom, nan you come fix my mo-mer-cycle?" Me: "Yah, I guess. Give me just a minute." Tahnyon: "k, thanks. Cause I ready to go to Bampa Tony's house. I gon-ga go fru the water and fru the woods. Cause that's where daddy told me their house is. Fru the water, fru the woods."


Tayvin and his big golden heart

Years ago I wrote a long post about Tayvin's heart and my determination to not let the world dim it's glow. I don't often forget about that. Sometimes I feel like I do really well at helping him act upon his desires to love and serve others. And often I feel like I'm not doing enough. But the fabulous thing is... I'm not alone. There's this pretty incredible man in my life that also happens to be a wonderful daddy. And between him, me, Tayvin, Heavenly Father and our Savior- Tayv's heart is growing and shining even more. He is always trying to cheer others up. He tells Aree and Tahnyon how much he loves them all the time. He gives random hugs and kisses. He talks about how we can help people. He draws pictures of Christ all the time. He earnestly prays for everyone. I came across this picture today and it reminded me of his wonderfully sweet spirit and his focus on what is important. I always want to remember this.