Overheard-Good Cook

I frequently hear from Tayvin things like, "Mom, this is delicious! Thank you so much for making dinner." "Wow, mom, thanks for making us such good food." Etc.Etc.
Pretty sure today was one of my favorites though, "Wow Mom! You're a really good chef. I wish my mouth was really big."

Stay Tuned

Please forgive my laziness-Pictures are coming....


5 miles. That's how far I ran last night.
2 kids. That's how many I had to push in the stroller
6.5 miles. That's how far Nate ran.
87 days. That's how many I have left to train.
13 miles. That's how long our race is.
1.5 years. That's how long I have to think of an excuse to not run a full marathon.
22. That's how many lame running songs I have on my MP3.
0. That's how many lbs I've lost. :(
4 hours. That's how long I'll be lying in the sun on the beach as soon as I hit that mile marker.
15,000 calories. That's what I intend to eat as soon as the race is over.

5 steps. That's how far I make it up the stairs before I want to cry.

Whose idea was this anyway?
Leprachaun Trap

Happy St. Patricks day. Tomorrow. Nate thinks I'm crazy-pretty much I can't stop myself when any holiday comes around. The only thing that can stop me is my dwindling bank account. :(  Anyway, so Tayv & I made a Leprachaun trap today. Ya know, if you catch a leprachaun he'll lead you to a pot of gold? That whole thing. Well, in our house, we'll catch the leprachaun and in order for him to be able to use his magic to get out, he has to leave his gold.  So I've been trying to talk it up for a few days now and Tayv went along with it. Until we were in the middle of making the trap today. That's when Tayv's sweet heart couldn't take anymore. He said he didn't want to catch a leprachaun because tricking is not nice. What do I say to that?

The trap...

The gold...

And there will be little green leprachaun footprints... :)

Rolos picture found here.


Overheard: Crying

We don't allow a lot of crying here. If I'm not allowed to cry, neither are the kids. :)
So when I started to count to five for Tayv to stop crying...
"Mom, remember how sometimes you're sad and it takes you awhile to stop crying? Well, I was like that."

6 times a year. That's about how often I cry and of course he remembers it.
Overheard: Burning

Tayv kept getting in to things he wasn't supposed to today. Because of this, I should have known better than to leave my hot straightner unattended. But he knows better! Anyway, he grabbed it and spent 35 minutes with it under cold water, crying. When he finally got feeling better he told me this:

"Mom, I think I will have to sit down a lot today. Cause when you burn your finger and it hurts really bad, it's good to sit down a lot to make it feel better. Also when you're sick. But I'm not sick. I just burnt my finger and it hurts really bad."



"Mom, look! Tahnyon & I have knees on our hands!"

(Have I ever told you how much I love this kid?)