A JOB!!!

Just a quick update on our situation- Nate was offered the job on the spot on Tuesday and after some thought and prayer we accepted it. After we accepted, he received 4 more calls for interviews and 1 more job offer. He is seriously looking into a few of them-one of them being for Smith and Barney (a financial group.) In the meantime though, he will start at the one job and give it a chance. We're just a little leery of it though because he's required to work every Sunday after church. Anyway, we don't know where we'll be living yet but we're excited to get on with things! Keep us posted on your lives!


Another dissapointing update

I've noticed an unusual amount of traffic on my blog so I can only assume somebody really wants to know what happened with the Logan job. He didn't get it. I've taken a long time to blog about it because quite frankly, we were stunned. Call it pride, arrogance, whatever you will, but Nate's good at business and he's good at management. Therefore, I fully expected him to get the job. We did find out yesterday, however, why he didn't get it. One of the questions they asked him was what his long term goals are. He told them that eventually he wants to own and run his own small business. Apparently, they didn't hear the whole after retirement part of the goal and decided he was only interested in the job to pass the time. Now that we've had time to adjust and look at other jobs, we're really quite glad he didn't get it, because we probably wouldn't have turned it down. He would have had to work from 11 pm to 7 am and quite possibly 7 days a week for who knows how long. He wasn't thrilled about the idea and let's just say I was... less than thrilled also. So really, we were blessed in not receiving the job offer.
Nate is in Salt Lake right now, interviewing for a management training type job that pays less but has great benefits and is exactly what he's looking for. He has also applied to many others so now we'll just wait.
My Mary Kay business is going well and I'm actually really having fun with it. By no means am I rolling in the big bucks but hopefully soon, it will pay off.
Tayvin is doing great and is growing so fast. The kid's always been talkative, but lately I can't even keep up with him. (And he's giving his dad a run for his money when it comes to the talking award.)
That's about it for now, but we miss you all and hope to hear from you!

P.S. I'm seeing some strange traffic so if y'all can leave me a comment, let me know who is checking our blog-even if we don't know you!


My Musings

I've gotten caught up in two different blog worlds. The "Here are pictures of the cutest boy in the universe and here's what we're up to" world. And the "anybody wanna know what I think?" world. So I've had two blogs for awhile now but have had a hard time deciding what to put where. Anyway, I've decided to start separating my posts a little more. So for those of you who don't care for my musings, you're in luck because I probably won't be posting them here anymore. For those of you that are still trying to figure out how my brain works and want to listen to my not-so-marvelous musings, visit me here.

i am

This was by far the coolest tag I've seen... enjoy!
i am: going to get up EARLY tomorrow and work out.
i think: that we could accomplish world peace if women would pull together.
i know: I am a daughter of God.
i want: my children to become good, faithful, confident people. And I want a baby.
i dislike: picking up after my husband.
i miss: everything on TV! I always feel left out but don’t really want to waste my time.
i fear: losing a loved one-especially Nate or a child. It literally makes me sick to think about it.
i feel: “like a woman…doo doo do do do doo do”
i hear: silence-this is why I blog late at night or early in the morning!
i smell: like my new Mary Kay perfume-It’s divine!
i crave: sweets constantly.i cry: during every sad movie and often when Tayvin cries.
i usually: don’t want much to do with politics but lately…
i search: for my phone in my huge purse way too often!
i wonder: about things that I can’t possibly understand.
i regret: not learning from all of my mistakes.
i love: that I have a special mommy/son relationship with my little momma’s boy!
i care: way too much about what others think of me.
i always: want to throw parties (themed especially!)
i worry: that I will always have a mommy body.
i am not: skinny, tall, tan, or blonde.
i remember: “yesterday. Lookin’ back it doesn’t seem so far away…” any Colors fans?
i believe: respect can solve and eliminate any problem.
i dance: basically anytime I hear music.
i don’t always: pray and read my scriptures like I know I should.
i argue: about pretty much anything.
i write: in my journal every 2-3 years. Pathetic huh?
i win: very few games against Nate. Love the guy, but seriously, must he be good at everything? i lose: my patience and my mind way too quickly.
i wish: on stars.
i listen: to my boys play and don’t think life could get any better.
i don't understand: what is so hard about shutting the closet doors.
i can usually be found: jumping from one thing to another, not always finishing what I start.
i am scared: to death of spiders, snakes, rodents, you name it-I hate it.
i need: to hold FHE with my family.
i forget: how blessed I am way too often.
i am happy: with my life.
i tag: anybody that wants to play. I do hope somebody will do it though-this one is fun to see others' random answers!


Job update

For those of you who haven't heard, we're still in the interviewing process. Our first pick is paying for a trip up to Logan for Nate to come spend a day interviewing. We'll go up Wednesday to look for houses/apartments then stay the night and he'll interview the next day while I spend time with my sister and her kids. We're really excited about this company. The benefits are great, it's a huge company that promotes from within, the salary is significantly higher than the others, they give a lot of bonuses, and they have tuition reimbursement for MBAs which would be fantastic! Hopefully, it works out and we'll know soon. We can't wait to get on with things!
We'll keep you posted!

Out of the mouth's of babes...

Tayvin's been so sick for the last week so instead of eating he's been drinking lots of juice and water. He also hasn't been talking much (which we all know is so out of character) but a couple days ago he was asking for his water or juice and this is how it went:
Tayv: "I like water."
Me: "I'm glad, mommy likes water too and it's good for you."
Tayv: "Grandpa likes juice. Grandma likes Coke-she doesn't like water."
Me: "Nope, Grandma doesn't like water does she?"
Tayv. "Daddy likes dinner."

Nate was not amused. We all thought it was hilarious. In all fairness, though, I think he really just couldn't decide what daddy likes because he drinks juice, water, and Coke.

Then this morning after I got Tayvin dressed from his bath we were all sitting on his bed talking and playing when Tayvin says, "Daddy, I love you" then comes to give him kisses and hugs. I had been trying to get him to come give me kisses and hugs for a few minutes. When Nate asked him who loves mommy he goes, " um, um, um, um..."
Not fair!


Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I know, I know, his birthday was 4 days ago but I was so busy I didn't have time to do a post that day. I should have gotten up early to do one since that's the only time I can blog lately, but I was up till 4 the night before so I didn't get up until 7. Anyway, in honor of Tayvin's birthday, here is a list of things I love about him:

  • I love that no matter how upset I am, his smile can melt my heart in an instant.
  • I love those beautiful blue eyes with long lashes that just sparkle all the time.
  • I love that he says "sorry Mom" when he has to slip by me.
  • I love that he knows his manners and only has to be reminded half the time of using them.
  • I love that he loves to learn. He's always trying to use our words and asks about so many things. I hope he continues to have that love for learning his entire life.
  • I love that when I'm sad or crying he takes it upon himself to make me feel better.
  • I love his morning hugs when he's not too busy to cuddle with his mommy.
  • I love how he says his name.
  • I love that he loves music as much as his mommy and is always willing to dance or sing with me.
  • I love his confidence in himself. Sure, sometimes it gets him into trouble and he's going to have to manage it, but the kid will go far in life because of it.
  • I love how much he loves his family. From Grandma M to baby Haylie, he loves all his family and loves to pray for them.
  • Basically, I'm just the proudest mom there is and could go on and on forever. So, Tayvin, Happy Birthday baby boy, I love you.