Big Brother!

We can finally announce it officially….
Tayvin is a Big Brother!
We wanted to wait and tell some people in person when we were up in Alaska so we’ve kinda been keeping it a secret. I’m just over 14 weeks, due Sept 11th, baby’s heartbeat is strong, and we are so excited!

Here’s a cute tidbit about Tayvin
I was pretty sure I was pregnant for a few days before I told Nate or Tayvin. I had just had so many negative tests that I didn’t want to get anybody’s hopes up and end up letting them down. So once I was sure, I told Tayv during the day while Nate was working. I asked him if he wanted to tell daddy by himself or if he wanted me to make him a new shirt to tell daddy. Of course, he chose the shirt. So that afternoon he helped me make it on the computer then we went to the store and picked up Nate from work. When we got home, Tayvin says (and none of this was coached by his ever-controlling mother,) “Hmmm… I think I’ll take off my coat now.”
And then, “Dad, look at my new shirt!”
Now, on the front of his shirt, it says “Guess What!” Then on the back, of course, “I’m a big brother!” So Nate reads it out loud and Tayvin turns around, looks at him all excited and says, “Hey, me too! I’m a big brother too!” It was seriously too cute for words!
So there’s my update for the next two months (I’m kidding. Hopefully.)