Are you kidding me?

Within 5 minutes, both my boys just threw me for a loop and in the process gave me 4 gray hairs. at least.

Background:  A few weeks ago, Tahnyon rolled over. I had no idea he was anywhere close to that-I had put him on his tummy maybe 7 times? He did it a few times that morning then refused to do it anymore. Instead he tried to crawl and crawl he did-sorta. Then a few minutes ago, I put him on his back while right by me while I was doing dishes.  I looked over the next minute and he had rolled over to his tummy. But he didn't stop there. He proceded to roll back and forth trying to get to something. Frankly, I don't remember when Tayv started doing it but I'm pretty sure it wasn't at 4 months. I have no doubt that the milestones will continue to come long before I'm ready.

Two minutes later... Tayvin starts calling people sick. "But," he explained, "I don't mean like the sick where you don't feel good. I mean like sick where you're cool and can jump and stuff."  Nate and I are way too old, or rather, too out of style to use that word.  My babies are just growing up. :(

Oh, and earlier today, Tayvin used the word complicated.  
And one more- (and I realize this doesn't shed the best light on me,) I walked by something the other day and a second later it fell. Guess what Tayvin said, "Oh that's great mom, thanks for knockin' my stuff over."
Anyone else having a problem with the titles of their posts?

A good friend of mine from high school and his wife are trying to adopt. We're trying to get the word out to as many people as possible in hopes that they will get a chance to become amazing parents, which I have no doubt they will be.  If anyone you know is contemplating adoption or knows of somebody that is, please check out their profile! There is a button on the side of my blog that links directly to it. There is nothing we love more than being parents and I want them to be able to experience that too.


Today is one of those days I wish I drank. It's not a feeling I get too often. I messed up tonight-big time. I make mistakes all the time but this was one of those eat you up inside, can't stop crying, wish with everything you have that you could go back and change it. I'm one of those people who doesn't regret anything. I can always find something that was learned from a mistake and be glad that it happened so I could learn the lesson. And there was a lesson to be learned-I think. But I'd still take it back.  The worst part is, I was just trying to serve others and serve my Lord. So I'm not even sure if what I did was wrong-but it hurt so it must be, right?  And is it fair for me to hold others to the same high standards I try to hold myself to?
And my sweet, sweet, Tayvin.  It'd been a long day. I offered to take dinner to a lady that just moved in down the street a few weeks ago and had a baby last week. I burnt it.  I rarely cry, but that set me off-I was just trying to be nice. Tayv heard me crying. When he wouldn't take "for a lot of reasons" as the answer to his question of why I was sad, I told him because I burnt the dinner. "Don't worry mommy, I'll make it not burnt with my magic!" Then I let him come with me to deliver it and the whole way he kept saying, "Ok, so we'll take them this dinner and these cookies then you won't be sad anymore?" :)
Skip ahead several hours after I messed up royally- Tayvin caught me crying and just kept asking, "Mommy why are you sad?" He refused to get back in bed or do anything else until he knew.  I told him I was sad because I made a bad choice. I wasn't here when Tahn (who is sick) needed me, I wasn't here when daddy (who is also sick) needed to get some sleep and had to take care of the boys, and I wasn't here to see Tayvin's cool fort he built with daddy. His response? He covered my mouth so I couldn't cry anymore and told me, "Don't worry mommy, please don't be sad, I'll build another one for you to see tomorrow."  Why am I so blessed with such a sweet and forgiving little angel?


Some days...

Most days I feel like I have things put together. Except when...
-I look around and discover that in less than 24 hours my house has gone from exceptionally clean for having two children 3 and under to piles everywhere you look.
-I take Tayvin to the dentist to find out we were actually supposed to be flossing his (incredibly soft) teeth and we will now have to put him under in order to fix his seven cavities!
-I clean out the fridge to discover food that has been in there for at least 2 months.
-I see that Tayvin's chore list I printed in November has 4 days filled out.
-I think about the 5 loads of laundry I just did 3 days ago and then think about the 5 I have to do tomorrow.
-I look at the bathtub.
-I think of hospital bills.
-I look in the mirror.
-I look at my bank account.
-I go to my basement.
-I try to find something in my basement.
-I look at my inbox that now holds over 2500 unread email messages.
-I hear my child crying in bed because he doesn't want to go to sleep by himself tonight.
-I mourn the loss of the race I SO wanted to run this year.

And then feel like maybe I am doing something right when...
-I look at the pictures on the wall of my healthy, happy, beautiful children.
-I peek into the nursery to see my angel baby wrapped up and sleeping peacefully.
-I think of the laughter and smiles I was treated with from both of my sweet boys today.
-I realize how blessed I am to have insurance.
-I think of what my amazing husband said to me yesterday.
-I remember that everything we have, we have worked for.
-I think of our 401k (22% return this year, baby!)
-I think of all the unfortunate people who don't have homes to sleep in tonight while I am in my warm, beautiful home.
-I calculate the amount of money our education has cost us and how worth it every penny has been.
-I remember the feeling of contenment we have recognized almost on a daily basis.
-I attempt to calculate the value of being flexible and just choose a different race.
-I drink a glass of clean water, and know I can drink as much as I want.
-I remember that I am sealed to my family forever and nothing or nobody can take that away from me but me.



Overheard-Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Nate is playing around with Tahn, making him box. Tayvin heard him tell Tahn, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." And continued for him in the same sing-song voice. I can't remember them all but some of them were...
-moo like a cow
-swim like a shark
-eat like a fish
-swim like a croc
-fly like an owl
Love my boy!

At long last 2...

Since nobody wants to hear what I think and only wants to see pictures.... I didn't even bother.

At long last...



We decided to watch a movie last night as a family. This doesn't happen very often because, go figure, Nate & Tayv can never agree on what to watch. So it went something like this...
Tayv: "These are your choices, Santa Clause is coming to Town or Little Drummer Boy."
Me: "I don't want either of those."
Tayv: "Well, these are the only ones I got so which do you choose?" (Can you tell we're a love & logic family-sorta?)
Me: "Neither. Get different ones please."
Tayv: "Ok, how about Santa Clause is coming to town?"
Nate: "How about, Santa went to Honolulu for 6 months?"
Tayv: "Sorry Dad, we don't have that one."