So Stylish!

So, Tayvin and I decided we needed to celebrate Memorial Day somehow and Nate's mom went to England this week so we were quite alone. We made an angel food cake and were eating Strawberry Shortcake. I looked away for a minute and when I looked back at Tayv he was styling his hair with whipped cream. Not just putting it in his hair, mind you, but actually pretending to look in the mirror and spike it! Now yes, I've been known to do his hair a few times before we leave the house (few is a relative term right?) but seriously, Nate has always looked in the mirror more than I have and on top of that, has actually admitted to a time in his life when he spent like 40 minutes on his hair. So, this cute little thing that is obsessed with his looks-not my fault! I must say though, he did a pretty good job with it! (minus the few chunks of cake he left behind.)

And this last one is for you, Nate-we miss you!
(Sorry, forgot to rotate it beforehand.)


Why Women Live Longer Than Men

I'm sorry men, but this is just too funny! I got this as an email compliments of Dani
and had to share it! I was laughing out loud-hysterically! Enjoy! (Leave me a comment if you want me to email it to you!)

Standing on a bucket on TOP of a ladder, brilliant.

That CAN'T be right.

Ummmm..at least someone's holding the ladder steady

Isn't this a violation of the seatbelt laws?

Shouldn't he be wearing a lifejacket?

Wonder what HE makes an hour? It can't be enough.

Who needs a truck?

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Oh yeah, THAT's safe!

HMMM, maybe he couldn't see the huge yellow sign that said CLEARANCE.

Hey, I strapped it down.


I've got more I'll post later! I hope you enjoyed them!



Our Little Family

I changed my font at pYzam.com

Hey You!

I love you babe! I miss you so much!



Well, I got a sitemeter account and discovered my blog is as unused as my violin-Very sad.
But here are a few updates anyway-even if I am the only one that reads them.
1-Nate left this morning. It hasn't even been an hour and I think I'm already losing my mind. Here I am at 7 in the morning, in bed with my laptop. Is there a more 'single' thing to do? He should get to Blackfoot Sunday night and then to my mom and dads monday. We'll be limiting our phone calls for the next few days so as to avoid a $200 phone bill.(Tried to buy a calling card for him yesterday but apparently, in this cell-phone age, we have moved above and beyond calling cards and pay phones-hmmph!
2-We had a BEAR in our yard the other night-that's right, a bear! I have lived in Alaska over 5 years and I've only seen one in the wild from a cruise ship. Unfortunately, after I got the camera we couldn't find him again. (No thanks to Nate yelling that I was NOT to go chasing after him-If I wanted a picture I better take it from the truck. I guess when he told my dad he'd take care of me he actually meant overprotect me!)
3-I survived volleyball with the McDonalds! (Well, sort of) We had a family gathering Saturday night with Nate's family, as he and Mo are moving, and John set up the volleyball net. We were having so much fun playing, not even keeping score, when things went bad. James went to set the ball but I was already en route. I tried to move back as fast as I could but somehow his elbow caught me just right in the mouth. It split my lip, landing me in the ER, and pushed my tooth back into the roof of my mouth, landing me at the dentist twice already this week. I was looking quite hillbilly for awhile. For now, my tooth is back into place and we're waiting to see if it dies and I have to have a root canal and cap put on. I didn't have to have stitches in my lip which was great but hopefully my face won't be too damaged. OH-so frustrating-we are only 3 months away from dental insurance-this will be one expensive volleyball game. Too bad it didn't happen when I was doing something cool like spiking it!
4- Tayvin's been quite sick but we'll go to the doctor this morning to find out about his legs and face. He seems like he's feeling better and luckily, it hasn't messed up his sleeping much! Will update on that later.

We hope all is well with everyone and hope to see you back here soon! I'll try to find fun things to make the blog a bit more interesting!


For lack of creativity....GRADUATION!!!

He did it! On Sunday, May 4th, 2008, Nate graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a double bachelors in Business Management and Marketing-Cum Laude. My entire immediate family was able to join us for the week (more on that posted later) and Nate's entire family was there too. He graduated with his brother, Mo, and many friends too. I am so proud of Nate and all his hard work. When we got pregnant with Tayvin, everyone told us how hard it would be to go to school while married and raising kids. It absolutely was! But although my schooling has had to be put off, luckily Nate's wasn't. I know it was hard for him and he made many sacrifices but we so appreciate Nate's dedication to his schooling, family, and church callings. Thank you sweetie! And Congrats!

(will post pics after my family is gone and I have a minute to think! :) )