Overheard: Selfishness

I had an experience yesterday at a snowcone shack. Long story short, this guy wanted me to pay FULL PRICE (as in $4.50) for an EMPTY cup. Anyway, I was annoyed and Tayv picked up on it. When he asked about it I told him that the guy was just being selfish. We discussed smart business practices and what is acceptable and what is not in business. A few minutes later....
Tayv: "Hey Mom, I have an observation about why that guy was being selfish."
Me (chuckling about the incorrect use of the word): "Oh yah, what's that?"
Tayv: "Maybe Satan put some evil in him."
Me: "Haha! I don't think so."

A conversation then ensued about how Heavenly Father has given us a sort of protection from Satan, that he can tempt us but  Satan cannot put evil in us unless we allow him to do so.

Tayv: "Mom, is the protection a big CTR shield or CTR ring?"
Me: "Not exactly, but good guess."
Tayv: "It wasn't a guess. I was just wondering."


Overheard: The Simple Life

We spent a BEAUTIFUL 3 days up on the farm this weekend at my parent's house. We go up often but it's usually only for 2 days and it goes by way too quickly. It, of course, went by too quickly this time too but it was a nice slow few days.  Here is a quick overheard:
Me: "You've gotta admit Nate, there is something incredibly appealing about this simple life... Saturday afternoon horse ride, visiting with family on the deck in the shade, napping in the hammock, an evening of rodeo, riding in the back of the truck, Sunday afternoon dutch oven dinner in the mountains..."
Tayvin lounging in the back of the truck with the wind blowing through his cute little buzz cut with the most content look on his face: "Well Mom, sorry to tell you this but that's just part of life and it's a life I love."
Guess what little dude? It's a life I love too. I love sharing it with you and little makes me happier than seeing how much you love it too. Thanks for reminding me that simple should just be part of life.


Overheard: homework

Tayv while pretending to type on my old laptop: "Mom, I can't get dressed right now. I've got to get my homework done or they'll fire me from school and then I won't be able to go to kindergarten. Speaking of which, how do you spell Kindergarten and website? I got most of website."  And he did.