Walking out of church yesterday...

Tayv: "Mom, this is the picture I colored in cry-mary today. This one is a picture of me and daddy. And on the other side is a picture of you in the hospital."

Me: "Oh? You put me in the hospital?"

Tayv: "Well, my teacher asked us to draw a picture of something that would be a good reason to fast."


Family Pics Oct 2011

I've basically decided to give up on family pictures. At least until I'm skinny (er). But here they are anyway.


Overheard: Problem

Tayvin: "Mom, in school today we were supposed to say a problem." (I think they were working on math problems.) "And [insert random schoolmate's name here-we'll call him Braxton] said his problem was that his mom told him he couldn't play Cars 2 anymore that day because he'd already played too much. And I was like, Braxton! That's not a PROBLEM-Your mom's trying to keep you smart!"


Overheard: George

Randomly at dinner Tayvin asked if two girls could marry each other. Silently I was freaking out. I strongly believe that we each were given free agency and can choose how to use that but the institution of marriage, created by God, was meant to be between a man and a woman. (See my beliefs here.) But how do you explain this to a 5 yr old who, thankfully, knows little about where babies come from and nothing about sexuality. So, I'm freaking out and Nate is saying nothing. Thus, please don't judge me for my answers. :)

Tayvin: "Mom, can two girls get married?"
Mom: "In some states, it's legal. Not in our state. But God created us to marry a person of the opposite gender so we don't believe that it's right even if it is legal."
Tayvin: "Oh. So if they get married in the states where it's legal what happens to the kids?"
Mom: "There usually aren't kids. Unless they adopt. But it takes a man's body and a woman's body to make a baby."
Tayvin: "Is that ok?"
Mom: "Well, I believe that a child needs a mother and a father. Sometimes that's not possible but if we have a choice, that's what we should try to do for our children."
Tayvin: "Why?"
Mom: Blah blah something about daddy being able to teach him things that I can't and vice versa.
Tayvin: "George only has a dad because he was adopted."
Mom (assuming he is talking about a classmate who I suspected has two dads: "Oh? Does he just have one dad or two?"
Tayvin: "Just one."
Mom: "Is he tall and skinny?"
Tayvin: "Yah. And he has a yellow hat, a yellow suit, and a black hat."
Mom thinking that's interesting. I've never seen him dressed like that.
Tayvin: "Ya know, Curious George?"

End of serious conversation. Hahahaha!



Walking to the car in the garage-
 Tahnyon: "Mom. Bikes. Ride. Maybe? (Gee, can you guess what my answer always is when he asks to ride bikes.)

Tayvin: "Mom, I'm trying to use these pirate hooks to climb the walls but they're not strong enough yet. I call them, 'have a lot to learn hooks.'


America the Beautiful

Status on this day in 2010:  "Stacia LOVES this country, all it stands for, it's freedoms, and all those who sacrifice for it!"

 "Since I was a little girl, the Star Spangled Banner has given me chills. It was the first song I sang to my children and will make me tear up everytime. There are no words to describe the feelings I feel for this country, for our founding fathers, for the sacrifices that so many servicemen, women, and their families make, for the freedoms that we so often take for granted, for those lost on Sept 11th, for so many heroes, and for those who live on. God Bless America!"


Facebook statuses...

Usually I know words. But is 'statuses' a word?  Anyway, facebook does this thing on your profile where it tells you what your status was last year on this day or two years ago, etc. And sometimes, no, a lot of times, I post things on facebook but not on my blog. So now, thanks to fb, I can transfer them over so I have some of those things documented. My first...

Sept 6, 2009
Stacia thinks her little guy is the cutest... "There's somepin' wrong with my covers."

sorry if you really don't care about my status on fb from two years ago, i do. :)


Overheard: spy

Tayv: "Hey Mom, wanna play spy?"
Me: "Um, maybe. I'm just going to do something for daddy's b-day then I was going to try to get your presents together for your b-day."
Tayv: "Oh, ok. I'll probably spy on you."
Me: "hahaha, no I don't think that's a good idea."
Tayv: "Oh, I don't think I'll see anything because I'll be hiding behind a wall."

thing 1 & thing 2

With 3 birthdays coming up in the next month I've got b-day planning on my mind. Which reminded me that I never got around to documenting the boys' combined b-day party last year....Thing 1 & Thing 2

thing 1 was slightly confused by the Cat in the Hat's appearance... "Mom, I thought Ryan was going to be the Cat in the Hat?!"

But he got over it in time to color a hat.
The Cat helped too.

Even Tahn decided he might be ok with the overgrown feline.


Of course there's always time for spinning.

And did you know things like to hang upside down occasionally?

Again, "Mom, seriously, who is that?"

 Back to pinning the hat on the Cat....

Sue Sue didn't want to give up her hat.

Thanks for coming Fragas!

Creepy Ry, but totally cool.

My sweet mom who always saves my tail.

Apparently Kenz has a crush on The Cat.
 And just so we're keeping this blog real, Tahn went from this...

 to this... 
 to this...
 which is how we ended up like this...
 and this...

Thanks to Ry and Jen for creating a totally cool Cat that MADE this party.

 Only a thespian can bring out reactions like this...

and especially this...
Seriously, if you know my dad you know this is TOTALLY unheard of!

Enter the cupcakes...

And of course, he would be the one of my kids that would try to grab the flame. He has no fear of getting hurt.

That's my boy!

Don't forget about the watermelon and sno-cones!

Oh, and the 'Lava Man' scooter that shoots fire.

Man, I love these kids!