I promise a baby post is coming soon but in the meantime.... we're at a point that the "Overheards" aren't just coming from Tayv anymore... here are a few from Tahn.
-He had a diaper rash for a few days and after I changed his diaper he kept saying for about 5 minutes in the most sincere, loving voice he could find... "Thank you, thank you. Just thank you, thank you."
-While in bed last night, trying to get to sleep... "Please. Thank you. More please. Thank you, thank you." Love that boy and his manners!
-Today when I went into his room to get him.... "Mom! Hi! Well, Hello."
(I realize these only sound cute to his mommy, but it's my blog. :))

And one from Tayv....
-"Mom, I'm having a hard time getting to sleep. Is it ok if I just talk to myself for a little while?" :)


I hate when people that I blogstalk have babies and don't post pictures for over a month.