Once There was a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman...

Literally! We had to rebuild it 3 times!

Tayvin loves that song and any picture he sees of a snowman
so since it was so warm the last few weeks I decided that it would only be fitting if we went and built his first snowman.

Tayv and I went out by ourselves but the kids were home for President's day so they ended up joining us (which of course, Tayvin was excited for.)

Anyway, we got it built, came in, and as I was about to tell Stef about it and looking at it out the window, it fell-crushed the head and all! So while Tayvin was playing with "Rah-Rah" (toddlerese for Robinson,) I went out to rebuild it.

Then, later, it fell again. I decided that I am terrible snowmom so this time, Peter rebuilt it! And guess what, it's still standing!

We wanted daddy to have something to do with the snowman but he was at school
so we used an old shirt of his to make everything but the nose. So, here's our snowman,
bit carrot nose and all! (Tayv was hungry!)


Say Uncle!

As you all know, Nate was ecstatic to have a baby boy and was trying to turn him into a big boy from the very beginning. From "dame cinco" in the womb to turning him upside down at just a few weeks old, Tayvin's learned to play rough. Well, last night, as I was cleaning up the candlelit dinner Nate made me, he was wrestling with Tayvin. He got Tayv pinned and the next thing I knew, Tayvin's yelling, "NO, NO, NO!" Nate, being a guy, told Tayv to say Uncle! What did Tayvin do? Well, he instantly said "Uncle!" And it was a very cute uncle, I might add. These boys are too fun-Love 'em! We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We love you all!


Our Dear Sweet Prophet

I just found this song that was based off a prayer that President Hinckley said in behalf of the young people. I was one of those young people and I was there at the conference center when he said that sweet prayer and I remember it very well. If I'm not mistaken, this was the same meeting that he gave us the "6 B's." I just wanted to share this story and song with all those who are interested, it really is beautiful.


He's Baaaaack!

Well, after months of studying and hard work, Nate took his test again yesterday. He actually scored 10 points lower than he did last time, much to our dissapointment. It wasn't because he didn't study enough (8 hrs/day for the last month plus should have done it, right?) It's a hard test to take. Once you get an answer right, it gives you a harder one and so forth. So getting the first several questions right actually ended up hurting him in the end. He ended up scoring in the 75th percentile which is great-way above the average Grad school applicant! We looked at some other schools but they just aren't as good as Marriot School of Business so we have decided that we will apply with the score he got and if he doesn't get accepted, we will try to get an internship or job in Utah and reapply next year. I'm so proud of Nate and all his hard work- he really is giving it all he's got!


Christmas in Utah

We set out for Christmas in Utah together, that's right-together! We got to stay two weeks and had so much fun! Tayvin knows so many words but most of the time he just said "Grandpa!" He is quite taken with his grandpa Tony and is now driving us nuts. A month later, he still thinks that every coat, truck, hat, pair of gloves, man with flannel on and so forth, MUST be grandpa. We also got to see our friends, the Riedels, and their sweet new baby Alysa. We were blessed to be able to attend both family Christmas parties and spend lots of time with my immediate family. And as tradition goes, all the girls on my mom's side (minus Shara) got together and made Christmas chocolates! Yum! My little sis drove back from her internship in California the day before Tayvin and I left so we got to see her for a few hours-I was so excited she got to see Tayv! We had a wonderful Christmas, we hope everyone else did too!