America the Beautiful

Status on this day in 2010:  "Stacia LOVES this country, all it stands for, it's freedoms, and all those who sacrifice for it!"

 "Since I was a little girl, the Star Spangled Banner has given me chills. It was the first song I sang to my children and will make me tear up everytime. There are no words to describe the feelings I feel for this country, for our founding fathers, for the sacrifices that so many servicemen, women, and their families make, for the freedoms that we so often take for granted, for those lost on Sept 11th, for so many heroes, and for those who live on. God Bless America!"


Facebook statuses...

Usually I know words. But is 'statuses' a word?  Anyway, facebook does this thing on your profile where it tells you what your status was last year on this day or two years ago, etc. And sometimes, no, a lot of times, I post things on facebook but not on my blog. So now, thanks to fb, I can transfer them over so I have some of those things documented. My first...

Sept 6, 2009
Stacia thinks her little guy is the cutest... "There's somepin' wrong with my covers."

sorry if you really don't care about my status on fb from two years ago, i do. :)