I've been Tagged!

I was tagged by my sister-in-law who emailed AND called me almost a month ago and still hasn’t heard from me…. Sorry Julia!

20 years ago… I’m not actually sure I remember anything from that far back (sorry to those of you who are like…ancient! : )
-I remember going to Disneyland around this time with my cousins so I was probably idolizing my older cousin Denise. Oh, and riding around in a dolphin wagon at Sea World.
-I loved going “nightcrawler hunting” and fishing with the nightcrawlers afterwards. (I can still give you great instructions on how to catch nightcrawlers, if anyone’s in need of that information. : )
-I was most definitely learning how to be the kind of tomboy my brother would be proud of…too bad society got to me and made me into the princess I am today, huh?

10 years ago… I was an awkward teenager. I was taller than all the boys in my class and stuck in between a clueless phase and a cowgirl phase. Just couldn’t decide who I was-What-ever Mo-tard!
-I had just made the drill team and was loving it!

5 years ago… I had just arrived in Alaska and was working quite a bit.
-I met Nate at the end of July then went and toured Nauvoo, Far West, Adam-Ondi-Ohman, Haun’s Mill, Carthage Jail, Independence, and other church history sites.
-During that year, my first nephew Kye was born, Tuukee joined my family, I met Jess and the boys, and at the end of that year, I started coaching drill team.

3 years ago… I was planning my dream wedding.
-Nate and I were married on the best day of the year, August 12th, sharing our anniversary with my mom and sister.
-In that year I also got pregnant and was glad to be done with school for a little while.

1 year ago… we were counting down semesters till Nate would be done with school and thouroughly enjoying Tayvin and his beautiful smile.
-We were exploring Alaska on our bikes, averaging about 60 miles a week. Those bike rides are some of my best memories with my cute little family.

-He landed a great job in Utah in April and two short weeks after his graduation, he left to drive the Alcan with his brother Mo.
-We were so blessed and excited to have all of my family come up for his graduation and some good old fashioned Alaska touring.

Yesterday… was my first day back in Alaska without my husband. It was quite sad since it wasn’t even sunny!
-I also found out another one of my good friends is pregnant, I’m so excited for her! (See post here...)
-I mowed the lawn and went shoe shopping.
-I bought more scrapbook stuff I don’t need. (Please don’t be mad at me, Nate. Just roll your eyes and move on!)
Today… I did a lot of stuff for other people. It was tiring but felt so good to know that I was helping others.
-My mother-in-law also took me out to dinner for helping her out at this great Thai place we’ve never tried.

Tomorrow… I will take my sweet boy to the park and maybe go on a hike.
-I will start scrubbing the apartment (most especially the walls) so that it’s spick-n-span when I leave.
-I will most definitely scrub my bathroom.
-Will be a movie night. We’ll either go to Bear Tooth or rent chick flicks-yay for mother-in-laws!

Next Year… Nate will hopefully be able to move up in the company quickly so we can buy a house sometime around Christmas.
-I hope with all my heart that there will be a need for a nursery in that house…only time will tell.
-My sister will leave on her mission at the end of July to New Zealand-does that rock or what?
-In the next year I will have reread the Twighlight Series who knows how many times but more importantly, I will have read BREAKING DAWN!

I tag whoever wants to play along….

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