Counting Down and Adding Up!

Well, we made a decision. Nate and his brother will be leaving May 22nd to drive the Alcan with our many, many boxes! They'll drop off our stuff in Kamas then go to Arizona so Nate can help Mo unload their stuff. I will stay here through the summer with at least one trip down to Utah to see my hubby and to be with my little sis when she goes through the temple for her first time (she's going on a mission to New Zealand-does that rock or what?) I'm not quite sure what Tayvin and I will do here all summer- I guess just bike and hike!
We're counting down the days till my entire family gets here for Nate's graduation! We're so excited to show them "our town" and for Nate to have so many people supporting him. Our good friends from Homer that we don't see near enough will even be in town too! We've been so blessed to have so many people supporting us along the way.
I also started going through all our storage-organizing and packing things up-the boxes are definetly adding up! Hopefully we'll be able to fit everything!
Tayvin has been having so much fun exploring outside and never wants to get in the car anymore. He sees the bikes on the back of my jeep and will say over and over again- "bike ride, hat, bike ride-eese!" He's even a safe little biker! The other day Nate was getting ready to go to work and Tayvin goes searching for Nate's helmet for him to wear. It took about 3 minutes of me explaining to him that Daddy wasn't riding his bike to work but driving his car instead. Now if only he could convince his mom to ruin her hair with that very fashionable contraption!


Well, do ya punk?

As the wonderful Clint Eastwood would say, " You've got to ask yourself one question..." We asked, and yes, we do feel lucky. More accurately, we feel very blessed. We spent a few days in Utah this weekend interviewing for a job that is absolutely perfect for us. It is exactly what Nate wants to do and can open so many doors for us, especially in his career. We were hoping they would offer us enough money so that we could take it but willing to settle for miniscule amounts of money because it could be such a good job for him. After a few interviews, though, we found out that if everything goes right, (there you go babe-hehe) within a year we'll be making triple what we were hoping for. And the health insurance is killer! (Of course, compared to our previous two insurance plans, what health insurance wouldn't be awesome?)
Anyway, Nate starts June 2nd which is way earlier than we were planning on so we've yet to make some important decisions but will have to within the next few days! Good job, babe-I knew you could do it! I'm so proud of you!