Well, do ya punk?

As the wonderful Clint Eastwood would say, " You've got to ask yourself one question..." We asked, and yes, we do feel lucky. More accurately, we feel very blessed. We spent a few days in Utah this weekend interviewing for a job that is absolutely perfect for us. It is exactly what Nate wants to do and can open so many doors for us, especially in his career. We were hoping they would offer us enough money so that we could take it but willing to settle for miniscule amounts of money because it could be such a good job for him. After a few interviews, though, we found out that if everything goes right, (there you go babe-hehe) within a year we'll be making triple what we were hoping for. And the health insurance is killer! (Of course, compared to our previous two insurance plans, what health insurance wouldn't be awesome?)
Anyway, Nate starts June 2nd which is way earlier than we were planning on so we've yet to make some important decisions but will have to within the next few days! Good job, babe-I knew you could do it! I'm so proud of you!

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Mac and Starr said...

Congrats Nate! That's great too because we'll be in Utah too! Mac starts his new job June 2nd as well! Vernal is probably a ways away from wherever you guys will be, but still closer than AK!!