A rather lengthy but not very intelligent update.

It took me until February to change my Christmas background. Rather sad, huh. So you’d think with as busy as I’ve been, I’d have plenty to blog about. But not really. Actually, it’s more that I STILL don’t have internet at our new (if you can still call it that) place so when I do get on the internet I have a million things to do and unfortunately blogging doesn’t get to be at the top of the list. I do still check everyone else’s blogs though-no worries. But being that I LOVE reading others’ updates, I figure it’s only fair if I do some type of an update. Sans pictures though.

-On the 15th I’ll be headed to Alaska for Nate’s brother’s wedding. John & Jess have worked hard to get to this point and we’re so excited to add Jess to the family! I’ll be there for a week and Nate will join us on Thursday. We so miss his family and all the time we used to get to spend with them so we’re really looking forward to this.

-We’ll also get to meet two new babies-hopefully. (Autumn, get on that will ya? :P ) Our good friends Chad & Jenn had their baby girl Xienna in January and hopefully Joe & Autumn will have a baby there before we leave! I’m so excited that I’m in a position to go and help them so hopefully I’ll get a chance.

-When we get back Nate’s family will all be coming down for an open house and hopefully at least one day of skiing. They’re not all staying with us but we’re so excited to have them come down, spend time with us and ski in the GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH. J

-Nate made it through lay-offs at his company and will hopefully be getting a promotion within the next six months so that we can get into a house this fall. We’re still adjusting to living on a budget-I’ve decided it’s just not for us so we need more money. (HaHa, really, does anybody love living on a budget?)

-Tayvin is growing and soaking up all the information he can, as usual. He can sing the 1st verse of “I am a Child of God,” both verses of “I have two little hands,” and knows the 1st and 2nd articles of Faith. Of course, there are plenty of other songs he sings (especially Christmas ones) but those are his newest ones.

-We had our first playgroup last week. It’s just one other little boy for now. It’s not the same as what we had in Alaska but I still really appreciate Michelle and her friendship.

-I’M DONE WITH OUR OFFICE! That really is the most exciting to me! We’re half way through our stay here and I’ve got it done. Now in a few more months, I’ll start packing it up again. (sigh) Oh well, maybe next time we move it will be easier to organize it now that I’ve gone through all the crap-Can’t believe how much I threw away!

Check back at the beginning of March and hopefully we’ll have pictures and more to say.
Until then, I’ll leave you with a few things Tayv has said lately…

-“I think I’ll keep you, Mom”
-“When I go to Levi and Michelle and Eli’s house again, I’ll see the Arizona Caramels.” (That’s where we watched the Super Bowl this year.)
-While helping me make some Tapioca pudding last week, he LET me stir then told me “YOU are doing such a good job mommy.”
-When Nate asked him who let him use the kid scissors, “Um mom. Wait. My MOTHER.”

- “Mom, are you not sad?”
“Are you happy?”
“Yah, I’m happy. Are you not sad?”
“ Nope I’m happy.”
“Oh, why are you so happy?”
“Because I’m married to you! I married you.”

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stac,
I'm excited you are going to be here next week. I can't make any promises on the baby being here though. I still haven't had any signs or labor. sigh! Oh well, Baby will come when he/she is ready. Plus, if I don't have a baby then I can actuall ygo to John and Jess's Wedding. See you soon. Love, Autumn