Welcome back, Friend!

Oh how I missed my old friend-spring. I absolutely love summer and all the things that come with it- BBQs, rodeos, fresh cut grass, peas in the pod, fruit and fruit dip, capris, sandals, birds, green, the 4th of July, camp fires, sunglasses, I could go on forever, but spring welcomes you to summer so I'm always happiest to see spring! I was lucky enough not to be in Alaska this last winter but even here in Utah, spring couldn't decide if it was here or not. We had a week of 70 then snow storms. Buds on trees, then snowflakes. I tell you, this desert weather is a bit crazy. But now spring is here, my white legs are in capris, and we have so much going on!

-Tomorrow we find out if we are having a boy or girl! Nate and Tayvin have insisted the entire time that it is a girl and I keep having to remind them that it still may be a boy. Although, now, because of the way the baby moves, I'm kinda thinking it's a girl too. But whatever it is, I don't really care, I'm just so excited to have it! (Yes, for now, I'm calling my baby an it and there's nothing anybody can do about it.)
-We just got another calling, teaching primary. We now have 3 callings but it's been fun to actually get to work together in them.
-We went on our first hike last weekend with our scouts. Our goal is to do Mt. Olympus by the end of the summer with them so we're working up to it. I was trying to figure out how I was going to hike it at 8 1/2 months pregnant but as it turns out, summer lasts way through September here so I definitely won't be able to hike it 2 weeks after I have the baby. (I'm sure you can tell how brokenhearted I am being that I LOVE hiking so much-ya right.)
-We'll be heading to Arizona for Memorial Day weekend to see Mo & Julia. I'm so excited to go see their place, enjoy some sun, and spend some time with my boys. Not so excited about the swimming suit though since I'm sure Tayvin will HAVE to swim.
-On Friday, I go to the doctor and will officially be half way through my pregnancy. She'll be thrilled I finally gained some weight but I'll be kicking up the running a notch this next month!

That's about it for now but tune in tomorrow to find out what we're having! (Unless you consider it peeking, Autumn & Jess, we just may not tell you! :P )

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