Some tidbits on motherhood and the sweet boys that make me love it...

On Tahn:
  • Although he's always sure he's starving, he's not so interested in his food while in his high chair. But as soon as he's realeased from that prison I call sanity, the food instantly holds much more appeal as I often find him camped out under the counter feeding his chubby little face.
  • Few things make me smile like looking over to see the body of my 10 month old topped with a bowl to my kitchenaid while he learns the concept of echos.
On motherhood:
  • As a mother, I should know better than to take a second to go to the bathroom. Not only will it slow my day down and also result in little fingers getting caught under the door. But it's also very likely that I'll find myself cleaning up somebody else's pee off the floor somewhere else all because one cute little boy didn't stop to play until the very last second he could hold it and just couldn't make it upstairs to one of the other bathrooms.
Overheard: Tayv to Tahn
  • Tahn has started standing up on things.  When I pointed out to Nate and Tayv the other night that Tahn had let go of the couch with all but a finger and was just holding onto a pillow, Tayv ran over to Tahn, started hugging and kissing him, and said, "Oh, I'm so proud of you! You're the best baby stander ever! I'm so proud of you-I'm just so proud of you! Good Job! Good Job! "


Autumn said...

Kids are so great! I love it when Isaac talks "baby talk" to Jacob. Sounds like you are going to have your hands full with another walker soon. Good luck! It's a lot of work chasing two boys around. :)

Lauren said...

Cute cute!