Kitchenaid, you just made my life so much easier!

I heard this tip last week and just got around to trying it tonight. Seriously, people. WHY did I not think of this before?  Tayvin is usually my chicken shredder. He does a great job but really, it takes him or I just as long to shred it as it does to cook it. But not anymore friends! Take the cooked chicken, throw it in your kitchenaid, put the paddle in, turn it on, whala-it's shredded. And then to make it even easier, I just added my ingredients for chicken salad to it and it was so easy!
(I know it's lame that I am so excited about this but try it... if you cook much you're going to LOVE it.)


Mac and Starr said...

I like this tip! I'll definitely be trying it! Thanks*

Alayna said...

totally inspired! I cook chicken up in big batches to shred and then freeze to make dinners later. This would save me SO much time.

Ashley said...

ha GREAT tip...never tried this, probably will make life easier for sure!!