Overheard: Selfishness

I had an experience yesterday at a snowcone shack. Long story short, this guy wanted me to pay FULL PRICE (as in $4.50) for an EMPTY cup. Anyway, I was annoyed and Tayv picked up on it. When he asked about it I told him that the guy was just being selfish. We discussed smart business practices and what is acceptable and what is not in business. A few minutes later....
Tayv: "Hey Mom, I have an observation about why that guy was being selfish."
Me (chuckling about the incorrect use of the word): "Oh yah, what's that?"
Tayv: "Maybe Satan put some evil in him."
Me: "Haha! I don't think so."

A conversation then ensued about how Heavenly Father has given us a sort of protection from Satan, that he can tempt us but  Satan cannot put evil in us unless we allow him to do so.

Tayv: "Mom, is the protection a big CTR shield or CTR ring?"
Me: "Not exactly, but good guess."
Tayv: "It wasn't a guess. I was just wondering."


Billie Sue said...

Stacia! I did not know you were there! How nice of you to come and see Grandma perform! She is always an angel and adds so much to the choir. I am so appreciative of your opinion! Thank you for expressing it. The "Trek" is an incredible CD. You will not be able to listen without crying, no matter how many times you hear it. The Nashville Tribute Band is coming here August 4th to the Sandy Ampitheater to kick off a new album called, "Missionaries." I am going and hope to find as much effective music as the Trek. Again, many thanks for coming and for expressing yourself! As always, love ya so much!

John and Jessica McDonald said...

This is so adorable! I love his little heart. :)