Overheard: George

Randomly at dinner Tayvin asked if two girls could marry each other. Silently I was freaking out. I strongly believe that we each were given free agency and can choose how to use that but the institution of marriage, created by God, was meant to be between a man and a woman. (See my beliefs here.) But how do you explain this to a 5 yr old who, thankfully, knows little about where babies come from and nothing about sexuality. So, I'm freaking out and Nate is saying nothing. Thus, please don't judge me for my answers. :)

Tayvin: "Mom, can two girls get married?"
Mom: "In some states, it's legal. Not in our state. But God created us to marry a person of the opposite gender so we don't believe that it's right even if it is legal."
Tayvin: "Oh. So if they get married in the states where it's legal what happens to the kids?"
Mom: "There usually aren't kids. Unless they adopt. But it takes a man's body and a woman's body to make a baby."
Tayvin: "Is that ok?"
Mom: "Well, I believe that a child needs a mother and a father. Sometimes that's not possible but if we have a choice, that's what we should try to do for our children."
Tayvin: "Why?"
Mom: Blah blah something about daddy being able to teach him things that I can't and vice versa.
Tayvin: "George only has a dad because he was adopted."
Mom (assuming he is talking about a classmate who I suspected has two dads: "Oh? Does he just have one dad or two?"
Tayvin: "Just one."
Mom: "Is he tall and skinny?"
Tayvin: "Yah. And he has a yellow hat, a yellow suit, and a black hat."
Mom thinking that's interesting. I've never seen him dressed like that.
Tayvin: "Ya know, Curious George?"

End of serious conversation. Hahahaha!

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Dean and Rachel said...

hahahahahah! First of all I think your answers were GREAT and secondly...he is HILARIOUS! LOVE HIM