1st day of 2nd grade

This happened today. 
I'm kind of wishing now that we had held Tayvin back. He was more than ready for Kindergarten at 4 yrs and 364 days old but I'm not ready for him to be in 2nd grade already. He had a fabulous year in 1st grade with an incredible teacher and he excelled in everything he did. I, on the other hand, had an incredibly emotional year. I sent him to a new school  on a bus for the first time  in a new city. I cried the day I registered him at that school because I didn't know a single person for an emergency contact. And then he started learning things at school that I cant protect him from anymore. I prayed for his little heart of gold. I prayed that wewould  be able to combat all that could corrupt him. And then after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, I desperately prayed every single day I watched him walk into that school or to his bus stop. I prayed for his safety. I prayed for the wonderful staff at his school. 
Now it's a new year. He is growing into such a strong little boy and learning so much spiritually. I'm still praying desperately. I'm still wishing he didn't have to grow up so quickly. But I'm so excited for him and I love his excitement. His school is an international school. He studied, in depth, Oceania last year and will learn about Asia this year. He LOVES learning about other cultures and was awarded Global Citizen of the Year. Look out world, whether we're ready or not, Tayv is coming. 

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