Overheard: Dinosaurs

Tahn: "Mom. Did you know, before there was you there was dinosaurs?"
Me: "You're right! And did YOU know that before there was dinosaurs, there was daddy?"
Tahn: "Whoa. So did daddy take care of the dinosaurs?"
Me: "Yah, I bet he did."
He then proceeded to tell me all about how the dinosaurs died and how they are now fossils.
Me: "So why isn't daddy a fossil then?"
Tahn: "Because he's a human and humans don't die from asteroids.
Me: "Ooooh."
Than: "Mom. I'm glad daddy's not a fossil. But I am kinda sad that dinosaurs are fossils because I would like to see them."

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*Lauren* said...

Just wait till he goes back to his teacher and tells her his daddy took care of the dinosaurs :)