Overheard:speed limit

A few days after somebody got a speeding ticket.... 
Tahn: "Guys, we're going so fast."
Me: "No, Tahn, we're going so slow."
Nate: "This is what the speed limit feels like guys."
Tahn: "But dad, I don't see any cops behind us." 

We're awesome parents. 


Overheard: Tahnyon

While saying the prayer the night before my mom left to go home: "Bless that Grandma can be a McDonald so she can stay here to live with us." 

"Mom, I wish I was with Grandpa Tony right now because I bet he's buying a Mountain Dew and drinking it."

"Mom, I wish you were bampa tony so you tould give me Mountain Dew."

Earlier , I sat him down in time out pretty hard because he wouldn't go himself. I just asked him how his bum was....  "um, tine-da good. But I sink you broke my bum bone ."

I forgot

This made me laugh when I pulled it out of Tayv's backpack. They were supposed to define each word. I guess he forgot.... :)