Once There was a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman...

Literally! We had to rebuild it 3 times!

Tayvin loves that song and any picture he sees of a snowman
so since it was so warm the last few weeks I decided that it would only be fitting if we went and built his first snowman.

Tayv and I went out by ourselves but the kids were home for President's day so they ended up joining us (which of course, Tayvin was excited for.)

Anyway, we got it built, came in, and as I was about to tell Stef about it and looking at it out the window, it fell-crushed the head and all! So while Tayvin was playing with "Rah-Rah" (toddlerese for Robinson,) I went out to rebuild it.

Then, later, it fell again. I decided that I am terrible snowmom so this time, Peter rebuilt it! And guess what, it's still standing!

We wanted daddy to have something to do with the snowman but he was at school
so we used an old shirt of his to make everything but the nose. So, here's our snowman,
bit carrot nose and all! (Tayv was hungry!)

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