A quick, non-creative update (I am supposed to be working after all!)

I feel like I fell off the face of the earth! Really, though, we're alive and pretty busy! We haven't hooked up our Internet yet so I go to the clubhouse to get my work done online but that's pretty much it for net time! We mostly have our boxes unpacked-I'm just working on the office still. And I haven't done much for decorating yet because, well, let's just say my tastes can be expensive! Nate is loving his job and is learning a ton. Tayvin did not want to be potty-trained this morning so we'll try again next week. And I am just trying to keep everything running here while doing Mary Kay a little on the side.
We went to Alaska for my birthday and got to see so many people that we miss so much! Then Nate's brother came up from Arizona for a few days. I put him to work hanging pictures. (He didn't get as frustrated as Nate when I changed my mind, plus he didn't have opinions that I didn't like.) So thanks for the help Mo, and thanks for coming up-it was good to see you! It's starting to get cold here but we can still go outside with just jackets and I love it! No baby on the way yet, but keep watching-one day....
Gotta Run! We love and miss everyone and hope you are all doing great!

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