Just a little update

-We are in our new place and love having our own space! (Ok, we’re half way in.)
-Nate has been at his job for a little over a week now and he loves it! Soon he will be trained enough to be running things by himself and he can really see the potential in the job. We were so blessed to find this job
-Tayvin is coming up with all kinds of new things to say…Lately….
-“Are you sharing mom?”
-“ Yah, I actually did.”
-“Are you cuddlin’ with me?”
-“We’re goin’ to our Salt Lake house?”
Of course, this doesn’t even do it justice- it’s just too stinkin’ cute to describe.
-Nate’s parents came to visit for a few days and it was so good to see them-especially for Tayvin.
-We’re planning a trip to Alaska in November sometime-probably the second week, so put it on your schedules!
-My Mary Kay is going well, I just need to get my but in gear but I have so many fun ideas for Christmas. (So if you’re in need of a gift for a man or woman, let me know!)

That’s about it for now, we don’t have our internet hooked up yet but we’ll keep you posted! I promise to post pictures when there are no more boxes in the living room! We hope everyone is doing well!


the schumann's said...

good for you! i'm glad everything is going well for guys.

JoHanna said...

Im glad to hear thing are going well, we will miss you in the ward

April and Paul said...

hey I have some mk bags and sales stuff you can have if you want it... like some blank sales receipts and such. And I have a really nice case I got at seminar that holds all of your cosmetics.... all your eyeshadow, blush, lipsticks, mascaras in your inventory. It cost me $35- you can have it for $20 if you want. But you can have the sales stuff and bags for free if you want them.

Mac and Starr said...

So, are you living in SLC now? I need to know so we can plan a visit next time we're out your way! I can just picture Tayvin saying those cute things...how fun...I can't wait for Connor to start talking!*