A HAPPY Mothers Day to me and you!

I've been thinking a lot lately about expectations. I tend to have high expectations for everything in my life. And being the control-freak that I am, those expectations tend to make things more miserable for me and those around me when things don't turn out exactly as I have planned. So I've been contemplating how much easier I could make life if I were to give up some of those expectations and just accept things as they come. And since we all tend to have certain expectations of Mother's Day, I thought that would be a great place for me to start. (Well, technically I started it a few days ago, and let me tell you how much easier it's been. But Mother's Day is a big one!)
In our house, growing up, we always made my mom breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. So naturally, I expected that Nate did too and he would do that for me. Not so. It has since been discussed in detail and he understands that it's important to me along with all those other Mother's Day things like making dinner, getting up with Tayv, letting me sit down and read, etc, etc. But every year I have found myself making dinner for his mom because he and his brothers didn't and even more so, I have found myself disappointed for some reason or another. This year, I decided no expectations! I love being a mom, every day I try to be better, and knowing this is going to be enough for me this year. So instead of expecting anything, I went out and bought Nate and Tayvin gifts for Mother's day to thank them for letting me be a mom. I talked to Tayvin about how we need to think about all the moms in our lives that help us out and thank them. I've tried my hardest to put the focus on others instead of what I want my Mother's day to be like. I think that in doing so, it will be a much greater day than any one before. So here's to a Happy Mother's Day for all the mothers in our life that help make us who we are, especially my Mom and Jeanne. Thanks for all you do and I wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day!

P.S. When I came home from a bachelorette party tonight, Tayv & Nate had written me a cute little book about all the reasons they love me. That definitely wasn't expected but I couldn't have asked for a better gift! So to heck with expectations!


Julia said...

Very poignant post! What a great perspective on Mother's Day!

Dean and Rachel said...

Great post! I'm a lot that way...I have high expectations, and I like to have control over things....it sounds like you've figured it out:) Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!! I want to see a belly pic...