37 week update

So still no pictures, sorry! I'm sitting at my Mom & Dad's while they're at the temple dedication, Nate's on his way to Florida, and Tayvin is napping. I suppose I should be appreciating the quiet time but lately all quiet time just seems wrong. I should be stinky from not showering in 3 days, have spit-up on the back of my shirt, and have a little baby that needs all my attention. But alas, it will come-probably too soon and then I'll be begging for quiet time.
Anyway, I figured since I had a minute I'd give an update on what's going on with baby.
A couple weeks ago my blood pressure and weight both sky-rocketed (but thankfully, I'm still under goal) so the dr I was seeing ordered weekly non-stress tests just in case I developed preeclampsia again. It's been kinda fun because they do an ultrasound before the testing so I've been able to see the little guy practice breathing and such. He of course is still perfect and actually my blood pressure is down so maybe it was just because I didn't get to see my own dr that week.
I'm having contractions like crazy but not dilating at all which is no surprise! Because I'm trying a VBAC, my dr won't start me unless I'm dilated to a 2 or 3 so I'm just hoping my body will get in gear. If I haven't dilated by Sept. 16th, she'll make me schedule a c-section. :(
Nate's worried I'll go into labor while he's in Florida but I keep telling him I feel way too good, there's no way this baby is ready to come. But for Tayvin's sake, I almost wish he would. He just can't wait to meet his little brother. He must ask 6 times a day if we can get the baby out yet.
Wow, now that I've completely lost all 3 readers I had I'll leave you with something a little more interesting, to me anyway....
A couple weeks ago I was preparing Tayv for Nate's upcoming trips. I had told him daddy would be going to Arizona then the next week he would be going to Miami, Florida. The next prayer Tayv said went something like this...
"Thank you that me and mommy can go to the farm at Grandma & Grandpa's while daddy is in mommy's ami Florida."
Man, I love that kid!


Krystal said...

Good luck with your upcoming delivery. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and baby. Tayvin's prayer is too cute. :)

Mac and Starr said...

I hope everything goes well with your delivery and that it comes soon enough for you! Glad to hear you're feeling good though. If it makes you feel any better I still have 3 more months left!*

Dean and Rachel said...

I hope everything goes well. Keep me updated! So you had a c-section the first time? We need to talk. You should email me. Rkunz22@hotmail.com
Love his prayer! Sooo cute.

Heather said...

I am so awful at posting comments, but I do read your blog. You are very entertaining! I can't wait to see what your little guy will look like!I'm sure he will be so, so cute, just like his brother,Tayvin. Boys are so fun, especially back to back. You can have them wear matching outfits and it is just so much fun! Good luck to you. I hope everything turns out well. I'll be thinkin' of you! Much love, Heather