Everyone's been asking for pictures of the belly and about names... I don't have a picture right now and I refuse to choose a name until I see my sweet baby but we do have a few to choose from when he makes his appearance. Tayvin did want to name him Kashden Helaman Buddah Satan. We have now convinced him that Satan would definitely not be a good name for his little brother. And can you guess what his daddy calls me? Yup, Buddah!


Amanda said...

Yeah, I would draw the line at Satan, too. But Buddha, come on, your kid would be a natural peacemaker!

Autumn said...

Hey girl, I hope you and that baby boy are doing great! Good luck for whenever he decideds it's time to come out, so you can finally hold him. We miss you guys. Can't wait to meet your new bundle of fun!

Autumn said...

Happy Late Birthday Tayvin! We miss having you here to play. Hope you had a great birthday, good luck with being a big brother! If you need any tips just give Isaac a call, he'll tell you all about it! :)