Are you kidding me?

Within 5 minutes, both my boys just threw me for a loop and in the process gave me 4 gray hairs. at least.

Background:  A few weeks ago, Tahnyon rolled over. I had no idea he was anywhere close to that-I had put him on his tummy maybe 7 times? He did it a few times that morning then refused to do it anymore. Instead he tried to crawl and crawl he did-sorta. Then a few minutes ago, I put him on his back while right by me while I was doing dishes.  I looked over the next minute and he had rolled over to his tummy. But he didn't stop there. He proceded to roll back and forth trying to get to something. Frankly, I don't remember when Tayv started doing it but I'm pretty sure it wasn't at 4 months. I have no doubt that the milestones will continue to come long before I'm ready.

Two minutes later... Tayvin starts calling people sick. "But," he explained, "I don't mean like the sick where you don't feel good. I mean like sick where you're cool and can jump and stuff."  Nate and I are way too old, or rather, too out of style to use that word.  My babies are just growing up. :(

Oh, and earlier today, Tayvin used the word complicated.  
And one more- (and I realize this doesn't shed the best light on me,) I walked by something the other day and a second later it fell. Guess what Tayvin said, "Oh that's great mom, thanks for knockin' my stuff over."

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Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Oh my! Yes, I can't believe how fast stuff goes, and I am positive Rajko is going to knock me over with the things he comes up with once he starts talking. Yikes! I hope he just stays a baby as long as possible! I am not pushing the walking or anything... just as he does it is fine by me!