5 miles. That's how far I ran last night.
2 kids. That's how many I had to push in the stroller
6.5 miles. That's how far Nate ran.
87 days. That's how many I have left to train.
13 miles. That's how long our race is.
1.5 years. That's how long I have to think of an excuse to not run a full marathon.
22. That's how many lame running songs I have on my MP3.
0. That's how many lbs I've lost. :(
4 hours. That's how long I'll be lying in the sun on the beach as soon as I hit that mile marker.
15,000 calories. That's what I intend to eat as soon as the race is over.

5 steps. That's how far I make it up the stairs before I want to cry.

Whose idea was this anyway?


Jody Mac said...

You can do it Stacia!! What race are you running? Trust me I hate running just as much as you do, but you gotta do it! Have you run a half before? I did the mayor's in AK last year and I am trying for the Mayor's full this June. I have a pretty sweet running mix, if you want I can make you a mix CD! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Julia said...
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Julia said...

Good work! It gets easier the more often you run. I have to get back to running. I've been off from it for a couple of weeks, but the warmer weather will definitely help!

[Stacia] said...

Jody- We're running the bear lake half and no, I've never run one before. I'm pretty sure the furthest I've ever run was like 4 or 5 miles for dance when I was in high school. So...it's definitely a new experience for me! Good luck with the full-I loved your post about your half with your dad last year!
I would love a copy of your running mix-I'm always on the lookout for good running music. I have this thing for music and rythym, I can't run off beat. (Weird, I know but being that you're musical too, if anybody understands, it would be you!)
Thanks for the support!

[Stacia] said...

Julia-Hope Ethan's feeling better! I agree- the warm weather almost makes it worth it. If I never see the inside of the gym again, it will be too soon. Unfortunately, come November I'll be there again. :(

Callen and Liz said...

Pretty sure your 5 miles pushing two boys made me feel like my 5 miles on Saturday was nothing. I'm so impressed... I don't know how you do it!

Heather said...

Your blog is so entertaining to read!
You are a brave soul to take on the running thing! Wish I could get motivated, but gosh do I hate to run! Keep it up! I admire you for it!!!