The Verdict.

It has been decided. Tayvin will get his own friends birthday party right around his birthday. The theme he wants is sharks and fish.  I want Tahn to have his own 1st birthday party so 2 weeks later, Tahnyon will get a cute little turtle party with his friends. And somewhere in between, they'll have a combined party for our family. The theme? THING 1 and THING 2! I'm so excited.  The Cat in the Hat will be making an appearance to tell the kids his story, the pictures on the wall will be tilted, there will be kites, and the list goes on. But I'm always still looking for ideas so if you have any, let me in on them!

And thanks everyone for your input.


Autumn said...

Wow, you are amazing Stacia. Instead of taking the easy way and doing one party for both.. or even one for each. You decided to do THREE! I'm impressed. Sounds like a lot of fun, wish we could be there. Good luck!

[Stacia] said...

Lol-ya we'll see how amazing Stacia is when she's stressed out, not showering, and yelling at everyone for a month straight. :) Pretty sure that two weeks later when Nate's birthday rolls around, he's gettin' nothin!

[Stacia] said...

And Autumn, you guys are definitely invited-feel free to come down! :)