Our number one goal in moving to Utah (besides being closer to family for a little while) was for Nate to get his MBA.  Although it didn't turn out quite like we had planned,  we will acheive that goal... 4 years after we moved here.  Nate will be starting the Professional MBA program at the U this August. It was a hard decision for us to make, but especially Nate. For the first three years of our marriage, we were both in school. Then we lived in different states for a few months.  We had Tayvin just over a year after we got married. Thus, Nate missed the first two years of his life.  So you can understand why he wouldn't want to repeat that with Tahnyon and our next baby.  But it's what he loves, it's what he needs, and it will be good for us....in the end. I try not to think about the 80 plus hours a week he'll be gone, the dinners eaten alone, the fact that Tayv will attend preschool and kindergarten while Nate is away at school, the summers we'll enjoy while Nate is in class, the missed steps, words, and milestones of Tahn's, going through pregnancy alone, etc.
Instead, I picture Nate's face when he talks about school and that's all I need.


Recipemom said...

good luck in your move to Utah
nice blog..

K. Madsen said...

You know, you can always come hang with us.

I promise to be nice...er. :)

[Stacia] said...

Thanks Kurt, pretty sure you guys will be busy with your sweet new baby!
P.S. At least you're honest! :)

Krystal said...

Good luck to you all. School is busy, but will you be living together in the same state this time? And, are you pregnant again, or just hypothetically speaking in this post about a third baby? Congrats if you are!