13 miles and counting...

One day I hope to write a more lengthy, detailed version of this post but for now, since I'm on borrowed time, this will have to do.
It's been almost two weeks since we completed our half marathon and the euphoria still hasn't worn off.
I was a couple months pregnant and just getting into running again when I decided I would need a goal to get me back on track after I had the baby. Long story short, we ended up at Bear Lake on June 12th ready to run just over 13 miles. Ok, ready may be a bit of an overstatement. We really hadn't trained very consistently, I was throwing up the day before and had the worst stomach cramps I've ever experienced, and it was rainy. 
I had two goals for the race:
-finish under 3 hours (which is an immense amount of time, I realize. Please don't make fun of me.)
-run the entire way-NO WALKING!
I don't expect you to be as excited as I am about it. Heck, you don't even have to read this post if you don't want to. But I would suggest something like this to ANYONE. Aside from childbirth I've never done anything more enabling. Since I had Tahn, I've been toying with the idea of having my next baby without any medication since that's actually an option for me now. But honestly, I wasn't sure I could do it. After finishing that race, still standing, and thinking I could have made myself run a few more miles, I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. So if you happen to be looking for a little inspiration in your life, I recommend 13 miles and then some. :) For us, there will be many, many more.

P.S. Shot blocks are AMAZING. In case you were wondering.
P.P.S. And even more amazing is my sweet, sweet husband who slowed down so he could push me the entire way. Thanks Babe!


Dean and Rachel said...

I've been wondering how it went! Congrats on making your goals. What a huge accomplishment. I would like to run a half one day!!!

The Bells said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's HUGE! I totally get the running thing. I wasn't into it at all until I had my baby. I would like to do a half marathon next! Way to go! You are so inspiring!

Ariane said...

Yes I do think your amazing. I am now able to start running and I REALLY need the motivation since I am a horrible runner. BUT I agree with you with the enabling part. I had lydia naturally and WOW was it so empowering, I am still glowing from it. After she was born all I could say was "I did it" over and over. Ok, you've motivated me. I am going to start jogging.


John and Jessica McDonald said...

Yay!! You are wonder women! I am so very proud of you. When I ran consistently every day it was so invigorating, after your legs go numb and your breathing gets into a rhythm it, It feels like you could go for miles, but 13 miles? I don't think I ever got even close to that! You are just so inspiring. Natural birth eh? Me too! You will have to tell me how it goes. :)

Mac and Starr said...

Congratulations Stacia! Sounds like you were a trooper being sick the day before and having it rain! Way to go!!! And yes...they get addicting, but it's a good addiction to have!*