Here we go again...

Our computer crashed. Again. Luckily, after we got it back I finally opened the box to one of my Christmas presents and backed up all my pictures. So I will only be losing the semi-important things. Anyway, I have no idea when I'll be back online so for now, in case you were wondering...

  • I think I hate Dell and now want a Mac.
  • I am as computer stupid as it gets. 
  • Our half marathon is this weekend.
  • And no, we are not ready for it.
  • We did run over 8 miles last week though. Only 5 more? No prob. :)
  • Tayvin has developed quite the attitude.
  • We're very close to having all dental work completed for the year! (Hundreds and hundreds of dollars later.)
  • I am in the midst of attempting to plan three birthday parties and one 5 year anniversary without a computer. (My mom would think I'm nuts for putting in the computer part but what can I say? I only steal ideas from others-I'm just not creative.)
  • Tahnyon now says da-da, knows who all of us are by name, waves bye-bye, is starting to crawl, has his two bottom teeth, and is still my angel baby.
  • We are loving the sun and enjoying having a back yard.
Our lives seem rather boring written down, don't they?


Amanda said...

My laptop has crashed three times since we purchased it two years ago. Unacceptable.

Good luck with the party planning. So fun!

Rachel Vander Martin said...

I would get a MAC..... We have them and love them... Good luck on your race.... We are doing the Women's run... which is only 5 miles. You will do great!

Dean and Rachel said...

Can't believe it's already half marathon time. GOOD LUCK!!! You'll do great...