Overheard: Girlfriend

Tayvin has a girlfriend. He thinks. :)
He's always telling me about a girl that goes to his preschool and how she wears her hair, etc. Here are a few of the conversations recently....

T: "Mom, do you know what A is being for Halloween? A nice pirate!"
            Background: Tayv has been obsessed with pirates for quite some time and has been asking to be a pirate for halloween. 
            However, he asks to be many other things so this year I chose his costume to eliminate 15 costume changes and a lot of
            last minute stress.
M: "Oh! Is that why you've wanted to be a pirate so badly?"
T: (With the cutest sheepish grin I've ever seen,) "Yah, mom, I really like A."

With an incredible amount of excitement....
T: "Mom, guess what the best thing about preschool was today!"
M: "What?"
T: "I got to sit by A A LOT today!"

And here's the problem with all of this.... The mommy in me is already getting protective of his tender little heart and swearing that she can't be good enough for him. Really, Stacia? Really.


Dean and Rachel said...

LOVE THIS! So stinkin cute. YOUNG LOVE:)

John and Jessica McDonald said...

hahaha, oh no!! So funny.