Happy Me

A few things that make me happy today....

  • We got to spend an entire week of evenings with daddy! No school, no church meetings, just us.
  • Only 5.5 more hours until our favorite time of day begins... when Nate pulls in the driveway.
  • For the 2nd week in a row, Nate will be here to run family night instead of Tayv & I doing it ourselves.
  • Tahn's chubby little flinstone feet that won't fit into any shoes.
  • The image of Tayv waving goodbye with a look of love on his face as I dropped him off at school.
  • Aree's tiny feet, tiny painted toenails, and beautiful big smile.
  • The possiblity of a lightning storm.
  • Cute little fingerprints on my newly washed windows and fridge.
  • The sound of giggling then fighting then giggling brothers at 6 am.

Find some of your own happys today!


Patti said...

Stacia, All this happiness because you told your sweetheart-now or forget it! What is that LDS saying everywhere in Utah?...All because two people fell in love!

Ruby said...

I'm just over from The Meanest Mom. That is a great list of happy makers.