These cute kids of mine...

I'll just put this out there.... pictures of the kids this year were a joke! The night before, Tahn got about
half the amount of sleep he usually does and WAS NOT going to sit for more than 3 seconds at a time,
Tayv tried but once we got Aree situated in his lap and turned around to put Tahn in place he just
had to move, and Little Miss was hungry. So basically,
 I didn't get a real smile from any of them. But they are cute little stinkers. :)


Jenna said...

Love it!!! Cute little stinkers. Can't believe you want 10 of them, but they are cute enough that it'd work out.

*Lauren* said...

Don't worry. I'm also frustrated I can't get cute pics of my two. I think it's every mom's concern. At least you got them all in the same pic!

Amanda said...

Huzzah for pictures! Bringing those cute kiddos up to Alaska any time soon?

Patti said...

Absolutely darling kids! Stacia I remember when there were none. They are so sweet, and so are you.
Reading your blog brightens my night-every time.

Ashley said...

darling pictures!!! such a cute family