He's Baaaaack!

Well, after months of studying and hard work, Nate took his test again yesterday. He actually scored 10 points lower than he did last time, much to our dissapointment. It wasn't because he didn't study enough (8 hrs/day for the last month plus should have done it, right?) It's a hard test to take. Once you get an answer right, it gives you a harder one and so forth. So getting the first several questions right actually ended up hurting him in the end. He ended up scoring in the 75th percentile which is great-way above the average Grad school applicant! We looked at some other schools but they just aren't as good as Marriot School of Business so we have decided that we will apply with the score he got and if he doesn't get accepted, we will try to get an internship or job in Utah and reapply next year. I'm so proud of Nate and all his hard work- he really is giving it all he's got!

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