Christmas in Utah

We set out for Christmas in Utah together, that's right-together! We got to stay two weeks and had so much fun! Tayvin knows so many words but most of the time he just said "Grandpa!" He is quite taken with his grandpa Tony and is now driving us nuts. A month later, he still thinks that every coat, truck, hat, pair of gloves, man with flannel on and so forth, MUST be grandpa. We also got to see our friends, the Riedels, and their sweet new baby Alysa. We were blessed to be able to attend both family Christmas parties and spend lots of time with my immediate family. And as tradition goes, all the girls on my mom's side (minus Shara) got together and made Christmas chocolates! Yum! My little sis drove back from her internship in California the day before Tayvin and I left so we got to see her for a few hours-I was so excited she got to see Tayv! We had a wonderful Christmas, we hope everyone else did too!

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