So Stylish!

So, Tayvin and I decided we needed to celebrate Memorial Day somehow and Nate's mom went to England this week so we were quite alone. We made an angel food cake and were eating Strawberry Shortcake. I looked away for a minute and when I looked back at Tayv he was styling his hair with whipped cream. Not just putting it in his hair, mind you, but actually pretending to look in the mirror and spike it! Now yes, I've been known to do his hair a few times before we leave the house (few is a relative term right?) but seriously, Nate has always looked in the mirror more than I have and on top of that, has actually admitted to a time in his life when he spent like 40 minutes on his hair. So, this cute little thing that is obsessed with his looks-not my fault! I must say though, he did a pretty good job with it! (minus the few chunks of cake he left behind.)

And this last one is for you, Nate-we miss you!
(Sorry, forgot to rotate it beforehand.)

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JoHanna said...

Nice I love the food hair do's they are so fun! Wouldnt it be great to be a kid again! j/k
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