Oh yah...

I'm so stinkin' tired! All I wanted to do was come home, lay down by Nate, and go to sleep. I came home. I layed down(I have a rule-I don't have to use proper grammar when I'm this tired.) And I couldn't sleep. I just have all these lists, ideas, and plans going through my head. Anyway, I realized I really didn't say much about Nate's job. He has been offered a manager trainee position with Ryder Transportation and will start Monday. We are trying our hardest to move in tomorrow but we keep having to wait on people so we'll at least get the moving truck packed then I might be moving us in on Monday while Nate is at work. We went to IKEA for the first time ever today. Let's just say I will probably not ever set foot in Walmart again! We love it and found most of the furniture we need there. Can I just say, I love living in the lower 48! Forgot how bad I missed the convenience. Now we just have to figure out how to see everyone in Alaska more conveniently.
I went to another training meeting tonight and loved it! I am so stoked for Christmas and all the things I can do for my customers! So I might just be calling you all... :) I have so many ideas for Christmas gifts so give me a call if you need new ideas! We'll keep you updated on everything and hopefully we'll be seeing those of you in Alaska very soon!

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